FCR Media Group announces an agreement with Silktide Ltd

March 13, 2017

FCR Media Group OÜ announces an agreement with Silktide Ltd to bring high quality online presence analysis tools to help Small and Medium sized businesses (SMEs) across Europe improve their Search Engine Optimisation, Competitor Analysis and Quality Control. These analysis tools will be made available to all FCR Media operations, with initial launches in Ireland and Belgium, Croatia and Romania and upcoming launches in Hungary, Uruguay, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

FCR Media Group has signed a group-wide agreement to utilise Silktide’s Haystack and Insites QA analysis tools to provide actionable insight for Small and Medium Sized businesses (SMEs) to boost their online presence.

Haystack allows FCR Media’s agents to quickly and accurately analyse a business’s local and social online presence, their website’s popularity and factors that impact the site’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), their online advertising and much more all from a single report.

With the integration of the Yext ( in Ireland) presence management tool into the report, a full audit of a business’s online presence can also be conducted on the most important national and international sites like Google My Business and Facebook.

The Haystack report also helps to identify competitors and provide a side-by-side comparison highlighting the comparative strengths and weakness in terms of online advertising and SEO -- a valuable feature in today’s hyper-competitive markets.

Jon Martinsen, CEO FCR Media Group says, “Our Sales Teams have really embraced Haystack and, even at this very early stage, we are seeing improved trends in conversion rates. The ease of use for the Sales Teams to quickly generate high quality information on each potential client has led to more appointments and faster conversions. “

The Haystack solution also includes marketing support for generating inbound sales leads encouraging businesses to self-register to receive a detailed analysis on their online presence.

The agreement also includes the Insites QA tool, an enterprise solution that allows for end-to-end Quality Assurance during website building. Using a step-by-step approach, Insites QA provides controls for all of the key elements required for building a high quality, professional website including load speeds, content quality, SEO tagging and much more to ensure high searchability on major search engines

“Using Insites QA has not only improved the quality of the websites we produce but improved the efficiency of our production teams with less re-work required,” said Martinsen. “The speed of implementation and the support both to our Production and Sales Teams from Silktide has given a new energy to our business and we are positive that we will see continued improvements.”

Renato Bottini, Business Development Director says Silktide is delighted to be partnering with the FCR Media group and to have received such a positive reaction to its SMB toolset so soon into the engagement. With the support of the FCR Media group we will continue to improve, localise and deliver ongoing improvements to our solutions as a truly agile partner.

About FCR Media Group

FCR Media is a group of digital media companies facilitating commerce and relationships for businesses in Baltic States, Ireland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Belgium and Uruguay. Via a highly trained workforce of 1200 employees, comprehensive database and well established brands, we are seeking to be the best provider of leads for small and medium size businesses in its markets.

About Silktide

Silktide is a software company based in the UK. We create tools that are designed to help identify issues that help our partners to optimise the performance of businesses online. Our white label solutions address SMB and Enterprise market needs. We make Insites, Haystack and Sitebeam which test the online presence of millions of businesses every year.