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business directory strategy

Revolutionize your business directory strategy with FCR Media

The comprehensive solution for growth, monetization and more!

FCR Media offers a tailor-made white labeled directory solution that comes with different monetization options and can be fine-tuned to fit all your needs. Make use of a great and robust platform with all the requirements necessary today to be successful!


Discover our benefits and ease your challenges

It can be hard to find a platform that scales content and performs well on Google. You need tons of features and can't be bothered by fixed templates without customization options. Well, you have found the solution!

We offer a solution that has been performing well for years on the European market. Remain relevant by serving your local SMB's while growing traffic and increasing revenue, reducing company costs and customer's churn.

  • Google-proof website

  • Innovative and always up-to-date

  • High-cost reduction

  • Customizable interface

growth business

Immerse yourself in the best white labeled directory platform

Host your Yellow or White Pages with advanced search functionalities while benefiting from great data quality processes. You can leverage our back-end system to feed a performing website of your own – you provide business data, we'll create a website that attract online visibility for your brand.


  • Advanced filtering options

  • Synchronized listings

  • Importable and mergeable business data

  • Integrations with different CRM solutions


Trust and success go hand in hand with FCR Media

FCR Media served more than 55 thousand satisfied customers in 2022; on average there are about 3,5 million monthly search sessions on the IYP-portals in Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Croatia and Romania. It is our goal to be a leading source of information when it comes to business search, to help you and SMB's alike.


Be the best SMB advertising choice by partnering with FCR Media. You opt for accurate, reliable information, and the best customer service and support. FCR Media will support you in every way, so you can just take care of your business.


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