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solutions for smbs

Solutions for smbs in current FCR Media markets

Each company of the FCR Media group offers all the tools and services in digital marketing SMBs need to grow their business:


Websites & webshops

Professional and tailor-made websites ensure SMBs can be found in search-engines, are readable on all devices and easy to maintain. High-quality webshops allow SMBs to offer their products and services to their clients wherever and whenever they want them.

websites and webshops solutions

Actual company data on relevant platforms

actual company data on relevat platforms

With the software-solution NetSync SMBs are able to make sure their business details are correct everywhere online and to boost search results in Google with backlinking.  For more information:

Among all the relevant plattforms Iin Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia and Romania SMBs are also listed in the local business directories published by the FCR Media subsidiaries: 

Online reputation

With the software-solution NetSync SMBs are able to build more brand awareness and manage their online reputation:

Monitoring reviews by instant notification

Responding to online customer reviews, questions and comments

Encouraging customers to leave positive reviews 

Planning and managing all posts on social media

Online reputation

Digital advertising


Additional to websites and webshops optimized for search-engines FCR Media - as a Google Partner - offers tailor-made online campaigns on search-engines, on its local business directories and social media-portals such as Facebook and Instagram to give SMBs extra visibility and to enable them to get customers who are really interested in their service or product.


With SMBs manage their customer relationships, their agenda and that of their team, the communication and the reputation of their company in a single platform.

For more information:

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