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solutions for smbs in new european markets

Solutions for smbs in new european markets


Additional to the products and services each company of the FCR Media group offers we provide the following SaaS-solutions in other European countries with the help of our partners:

sitee is a SaaS-solution enabling SMBs to manage their clients, time and money from one single app.

The all-in-one solution includes:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Providing an overview of all customers and interactions

  • Keeping customer data in one safe place to follow up on customers and enrich their data over time

  • Enabling worry-free administration without wasted time


  • Scheduling and organizing the time of all employees

  • Managing all appointments in a single calendar

  • Accessing a convenient online booking system

  • Sending automatic confirmations and reminders

Automated eMail Marketing

  • Sending automatic customized messages

  • Building relationships with existing, new and returning customer

  • Increasing customers´ involvement and understanding

Accounting and Payment  

  • Personalised price quotes and invoices

  • Secure online payments

  • Overview of payment status of each customer

  • Preventing late payments

Online presence always and everywhere  

  • Maintaining control of all online reviews

  • Asking for new ratings & reviews

  • Instant notification of new reviews

  • Immediate response to new reviews, comments or questions

Compatible with existing apps and tools a company may already use


online presence

NetSync is a SaaS-solution enabling SMBs to manage their online reputation, to make sure their business details are correct everywhere online and to improve their ranking in search-engines.


Online presence always and everywhere  

  • Visibility on over 20 relevant online platforms

  • Managed from one central source

  • Comprehensive Google Business profile, promotion of special offers, product pictures, and videos are included


Online reputation management

  • Monitor and respond to reviews and ratings

  • Getting new ratings & reviews

  • Instant notification of new reviews

  • Plan and manage all posts on social media

To provide the best service to our clients we work with international partners
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