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FCR Media-CEO Jon Martinsen publishes a new marketing-guide „No Business is too small for Digital Marketing – Everything you need to know to grow your business“.

The book is a practical guide for those who want to get an easy-to-read insight into the basics of marketing in general and especially of digital marketing in particular. It outlines a simple approach that any business owner can adopt to best reach their customers and prospects – from brand strategy to developing an efficient online presence. It was first presented on May 17, 2022, and can be ordered from Amazon Amazon

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If it wasn't already clear enough, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it obvious: Without a marketing concept and especially a digital marketing strategy, no company can really survive today. But of course this is easier said than done. In daily life especially small business owners are totally preoccupied to maintain and grow their business. Usually, there is often very little time to think about how to effectively market their products and services. And in most cases there is certainly no time and only low willingness to find their way through the jungle of technical terms in digital marketing.

Author Jon Martinsen has written his book specifically for the small business owners who have limited resources and are often forced to balance the responsibilities of running their business— including marketing it—with the services they provide to their customers. „As the CEO of different media companies, I have worked with small- and medium-size businesses for over thirty years. Now I have published this practical guide for those who need to grow their customer base but only know little about the basics of marketing. This do-it-yourself guide will help them to creating an effective small business marketing strategy“, Jon Martinsen explains his reasons to write this book.

Each chapter can be easily read and understood avoiding too sophisticated “Marketing talk”. Many examples of daily business life and real customer success stories are the essentials of this practical marketing guide. Conclusions and takehome messages ensure that the book is of real value to the reader.


In nine chapters Martinsen covers the basics a company owner should consider in order to work out a successful marketing strategy. Chapter 1 „What am I known for?“ the author points out the basics of a successful brand strategy. Chapter 2 „Who are my customers“ and chapter 3 „How do I serve my customers?“ deal with setting up strong customer relations and essential considerations regarding product management. In chapter 4 „Do I need a website“ and chapter 5 „How can my customers find me?“ Martinsen explains efficient ways and methods how companies can ensure they are found on the net. Chapter 6 „How can my customers buy my stuff?“ introduces the basics of a successful web-shop. Chapter 7 „How do I talk to my customers?“  and chapter 8 „How to take most advantage of social media“ describe communication strategies and channels in general and with focus on social media in particular. In chapter 9 „A path forward to the growing business“ Martinsen evaluates when and how an external marketing support makes sense.

The book was first presented on May 17, 2022, at the conference of Siinda, the European Search and Information Industry Association. It can be ordered from Amazon.


In addition to the book, a series of webinars has been developed that provide an introduction to the essential questions about digital marketing based on the book's content.

About author Jon Martinsen:

Jon Martinsen was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1964 and studied at Oslo Business School, focusing on finance and marketing. Since 1987, he has worked in the local search industry with roles in IT, finance, operations, business development, sales, marketing, and general/executive management. Because of this varied background, he has a 360-degree view of a business and knows what is needed to be successful.

Today, Jon Martinsen is the CEO of FCR Media Belgium and the CEO of FCR Media Group, which has offices in Estonia, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Romania. He has lived in Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Tallinn, and Vienna and has also worked across Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Uruguay. His background in combination with his current activities has given him experience with many cultures. So he understands the universal problems that many businesses face and is therefore best qualified to point out effective solutions in his book.


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