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FCR Media belgium remains a leader in digital marketing

Although we have lost a few places, FCR Media is still at the top of the Digimedia Top 100. With a nice 6th place in the list of the 100 largest digital agencies, we once again demonstrate how relevant we are for the digital communication of SMEs and the self-employed.

Focus Rewards

Despite the aftermath of corona, which made it more difficult to contact and visit our customers, we still managed to achieve an excellent result. We continue to focus on the needs of self-employed people and SMEs. The best example of this is a new development such as, an all-in-one package for SMEs to manage and boost their business easily. So the range of products is constantly widening, but always tailored to our target group.

DexVille, FCR Media's advertising agency, also managed to secure a good place on the list. Our agency went from place 18 to 25, which is a great achievement considering the strong competition. Creativity in combination with performance marketing clearly remains a tasty recipe.


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