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Zjeff currently holds the CFO/Business Services Director position. In this role he takes responsibility over Finance & Accounting, BI reporting, Human Resources, Legal and Communication.

As a CFO, Zjeff brings 20+ years of experience. An experience that was profoundly build up working for Deloitte/Arthur Andersen being exposed to a range of different companies ranging from multinational to SMB size in various diverse industries.  All this relevant knowledge base was then put into practice in the safe environment of a structured multinational (UPS), after which the opportunity at FCR brought him into the position to really drive tactics and strategies to deliver results.

During the FCR journey, we succeeded in transforming the company from a traditional printing company into a fully digital company with optimized and efficient operating models, delivering stable cash flows to continue future investments.

Zjeff is a motivated, out-of-the box thinking and experienced business partner.  His objective is to create shareholder’s value by motivating, leading and inspiring the right people.

Zjeff is married and has 2 kids to spoil.  In his free time he enjoys cycling (on and off road), plays badminton, loves travelling with his family and friends and discovered the fun of skiing only recently.

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