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We are FCR Media, a group of digital media companies facilitating commerce and relationships for businesses in Baltic States, Ireland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Belgium and Uruguay. Via a highly trained workforce of 1200 employees, comprehensive database and well established brands, we are seeking to be the best provider of leads for small and medium size businesses in its markets.







FCR Media Belgium to take over goudengids.be/pagesdor.bE, the country’s largest digital marketing agency for SME’s

Berchem, 1 July 2016 – FCR Media Belgium is taking over the activities of Truvo Belgium. On 1 July 2016, the receiver and the court of law approved the offer of FCR Media Belgium for the activities of Truvo Belgium, the parent company of goudengids.be/pagesdor.be, Blue Bees Agency and Blue Bees Dialog. This takeover will enable FCR Media Belgium to safeguard 310 of the 530 jobs. The company employs its workforce from its sites in Berchem and Anderlecht at the same conditions of employment as those of Truvo Belgium.

FCR MEDIA GOES GLOBAL and expands its footprint to Uruguay

FCR Media, the leading Digital Media Agency controlled by the Baltic private equity fund BaltCap, expands its operations to Uruguay. Through the acquisition of controlling stake of Volt Directories S.A. Ltd. in Uruguay, FCR Media Group enters its 1st market in Latin America and adds the 12th market to its diversified geographic portfolio.

FCR Media Group has taken over MTI Telefonski imenik / Zute stranice d.o.o.

FCR Media Group has taken over MTI Telefonski imenik / Zute stranice d.o.o., the Croatian operation of Müller Verlag. This continues FCR Media’s expansion across Europe and now one of the largest local search footprints in Europe with operations in 12 countries.